As a Reflexologist and Reiki healer, I am often asked for gift certificates. I don’t mind making them up, but I always ask a series of questions about the recipient before I make the sale.

First of all, my practice is in Elora. I like to know that I will be giving treatments in my area of Centre Wellington. It isn’t much of a gift if the person receiving it must drive very far to enjoy it.

Next, I discuss what the therapies are, to ensure that the person giving the gift understands what I offer. It would be a shame if the gift was given, but never used. The person getting the therapy must enjoy it.

Reflexology is most often done on the feet. I always ask if the gift recipient has had reflexology treatments before. If so, did the person enjoy the therapy? While it may seem odd, I also ask about touching the feet. There are many people who love having their feet massaged and will enjoy the treatment very much. There are others who absolutely despise having anyone near their feet. A reflexology treatment would be a very sad gift for someone like that. It’s important to be certain that the recipient will enjoy the gift of reflexology before making the purchase.

It’s the same with Reiki. You must know that the person receiving the gift certificate will enjoy the therapy. Reiki is energy channeling. Such a gift is fabulous for someone who is open to receiving the energy. It can be a big disappointment for someone who doesn’t understand the value of Reiki, or who doesn’t care for such therapies.

As always, consider the recipient. Give Reiki and Reflexology gift certificates to friends and family who enjoy the treatments, or treatments similar to them. Everyone will be much happier when the gifts are opened if you take these pointers into consideration.

Bra Fitting gift certificates are also requested at this time of year. I am more than happy to make up a gift for a bra or bra fitting. My fitting services are complimentary, so the price of the gift certificate is really the price of the bra.

Again, I ask about the person. You can give the gift certificate, but if the recipient is not interested in my products, then the gift will be a disappointment. I direct people to my site to review the items that I sell. I also describe the bras and ask if the person receiving the gift will enjoy wearing that type of bra. Often, the bras are exactly what the person is looking for and they visit me after Christmas ready to get a new bra that fits beautifully. Many of these women require the extra support that a TAB bra provides. This is especially important for women who require a larger cup size. Often they can’t find a bra that fits in the stores. A private fitter is their only option.

I do get requests to purchase a bra to be wrapped up as a gift. That is a lovely thought, and I am happy to help under very specific circumstances. Every make and style of bra fits differently. The only way to give a bra as a gift is to buy the exact make, model and size that the recipient currently wears. Anything else can result in a poor fit, and wasted money. This goes for any undergarment, but it is very important for a bra. The support depends on the fit. Anything that is not exact, could reduce the support. Instead of a happy gift, you’ll be giving something that will languish in the back of a drawer.

So, please be careful when choosing a gift certificate. Know exactly what you are giving and how it will enjoyed by the recipient. Everyone will be happier.

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