Are your summer clothes starting to look a bit off? Perhaps your shoulders are rounding and your breasts are sagging. Sound familiar.

Warm weather and perspiration are very hard on the fabrics used to make bras. Like it or not, you may need to go shopping. For women living in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo or Fergus, I have a solution to make your next shopping experience less painful. My next bra clinic will be held in Elora on Wednesday, August 22, 2012.

Book an appointment at this clinic and you will find out just how good a TAB feels and supports. What can be better than the advise from a bra fitter? Advice from 2 bra fitters. Fit expert, Donna Smyth, will join me for the clinic. Together, we will ensure that you understand what makes a good fit and assist you in purchasing the best size for your body.

Stop torturing yourself with underwire. Give up the old bra that is so stretched that it rides up your back.

Say hello to proper shaping, comfort and support. Try on a TAB – The Amazing Bra. It was designed by Yvonne Hogenes of Vancouver, B.C. She was looking to provide comfort, support and style. This bra is suitable for large cup and small cup. It fits plus size and petite women, because the cups come in half sizes from A to II. Band sizes start at 28.

Yvonne is also very interested in breast health for women. The original TAB was used by many women to hold their prosthesis. In answer to concerns of breast cancer survivors there is the TAB pocket bra. It was designed in conjunction with experts from a breast cancer clinic to offer proper fit and support. Please call 519-835-0310 to have a fitting at the August 22 bra clinic. We can help.

There are many women who are saddened by the loss of their beloved Jeunique bras. Take heart. I still have a large selection of Jeunique available. Also, TAB is a wonderful replacement. It is a similar fitting system with the supportive shelf and triangle guide to provide cup-sized fit. Yes, you will miss your old bra, but you may love the TAB even more. Treat yourself to cotton-lined softness built into a breathable shell.

Book an appointment by calling 226-384-1310 or email and find out how good you feel and how flattering your clothes look when you are wearing TAB

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