Your clothes will always look better if you provide a proper base for them. As a trained bra fitter, I strive to provide top quality products that are designed to fit well and to make you look great.

Bra Fitting

Not everyone can fit into an off-the-rack product. There are many things to consider when looking for a new bra or foundation garment.


Click here to find some basic tips to check your garments for fit and quality.


Live in Ontario, Canada? Attend one of my bra clinics for a perfect fit.


I currently offer bra styles from the following companies.

Royce, Warners,  TAB, Jeunique

Please note that the Jeunique company has gone out of business. I have selected sizes on sale for $100 CDN, taxes included. Please contact info@pathornsby.com to determine if your size is still available.


The stock of shapewear is limited at this time. I am currently engaging a new supplier.


I have had many requests for bra cup sized swimwear. I am currently looking for quality garments to suit your needs.

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