Check your bra for proper fit.

  • Does your bra band ride up at the back? The band of your bra provides approximately 95% of the support. It must fit snug to your body to do that. A band that rides up is too large and not providing support. Try a bra with a smaller band. For example, reduce from a 38 to a 36.
  • Is there breast tissue pushed above the cup? The cup is designed to hold and support the breast tissue. If you have any tissue pushed out of the cup, you need to look for a larger size. ie. Increase from a C to a D cup.
  • Does the cup wrinkle, due to excess fabric? The cup should hold the breast tissue without excess. Look for a smaller cup size. For example reduce from a C to a B.

Bra Care

  • Washing. Undergarments are often made of delicate fabrics that require special care when laundering. Read and following washing instructions. If in doubt, wash by hand with special soap designed for hand-washing.
  • Use of the dryer. While a dryer makes the job easier, it can destroy your undergarments. Check the tags for instructions. Most recommend line drying, as the heat and tumbling can destroy your garment.
  • Garment life. Nothing lasts forever, and some things don’t last very long. Most bra bands contain elastic. Generally, elastic will start to break down within three to six months. Check the back of the band for wear. A puckered bra band won’t provide support. Replace the bra.
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