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Beautiful Elora

Elora, ON, is one of my favourite places in Ontario. These sites provide history, coming events and photos. Check them out!

Breast Tissue and Exercise

Because breast tissue has no muscle, you can't really exercise it into shape. Genetics and overall fitness do play a role in breast size, however. Bust size is determined by your genes, and often we are unhappy with what we are given. Larger-busted women want to be...

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Can You Purchase a Bra For Someone Else?

It sounds like an odd question, but I have had requests for the purchase of a bra for another person. Often it is a family member trying to help someone in a nursing home, but I have had husbands and parents trying to purchase for women who really should come in for a...

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March Is International Women’s Month

As this site is aimed very much at women, I'd like to remind all women that March is International Women's month. Such an designation is important, because often women are too busy to remember who they are and how much their efforts influence others. As mothers, women...

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Caring For Undergarments

When I sell an undergarment, I include washing instructions. I do this to ensure that my customers are confident with the care of the garments that they have purchased. Many undergarments are specially engineered, using very delicate fabrics. Tossing them into hot...

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