Because breast tissue has no muscle, you can’t really exercise it into shape. Genetics and overall fitness do play a role in breast size, however.

Bust size is determined by your genes, and often we are unhappy with what we are given. Larger-busted women want to be smaller and smaller-busted women want to be larger.

Let’s consider the issue of larger-busted women wanting to be smaller. There is no exercise that really takes away bust-size. If you are truly unhappy, you can go the extreme route and have a breast reduction. Many choose that option and are very happy with the results.

But, what about the women who don’t want breast surgery? They just want to feel comfortable. A first option would be to find a bra that fits properly. The band should feel snug to the body, without binding or tearing into the skin. The cups should accommodate all breast tissue. Nothing should be pushed up, down, or to the back.

Maintaining the body in a healthy state of fitness can also be extremely helpful. If you feel jiggly up top, you probably feel it elsewhere. As the pounds creep on, you add them to your breast tissue. It’s a natural place to put it.

By enrolling in an exercise program and improving your overall state of fitness you will find that the jiggling is reduced. Many women find that their bra size decreases as they tone their bodies. It’s not that the breast tissue is getting in shape, it’s just that your body is using the fat that is stored in the tissue.

As a woman whose body is prone to adding fat in the bust area, I know right away when I am gaining weight and am getting out of shape. I don’t need a scale. Others may feel the same way. When the bra ceases to fit properly, but is not old and stretched, it’s time to look at an exercise program.

Note that I said exercise program. Dieting alone is not the best solution.

Most of us don’t exercise, because we are extremely busy. We have jobs. We have children. We have obligations. All take up our time, and a jog around the block or a trip to the gym is just not the easiest to fit into the schedule.

I found a new program that can overcome that obstacle. It’s called the 7 minute workout. I like the program, because it combines exercise, diet suggestions and social networking. On their own, each activity offers only partial success, but together, they provide the perfect combination for getting in shape. Click on the ad, below to learn more about this program. It is done through the internet with a recipe section, an exercise section that is tailored to your needs and wants, and a group forum. The videos are clear and concise. The advice is offered by fitness experts, Joel Therien and Chris Reid who believe that it is better to get into shape exercising 7 minutes a day, 3 times per week, than it is to spend hours on a treadmill.

I hope you find the program of interest and take the time to learn more. As you will see, you can also earn a bit of extra money with the program.

As always, wear a properly fitting bra, to protect delicate breast tissue, whenever you exercise.

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