This has nothing to do with bra fitting, swimsuits or health, but I just couldn’t resist sharing. Mid-century modern furniture is one of my favorite styles. I absolutely love the stuff. My collection is limited, but I do enjoy featuring my Saarinen tulip table in my kitchen. It’s the real thing, purchased in the late 60s by my parents. The clean lines suit the small dining space.

You may have noticed that I have added links to other sites for clothing and undergarments on this site. I do this to expand the available items for your shopping. I want you to be able to find products that suit your taste and needs. In my searches for interesting products I found a Vancouver company that makes high quality copies of mid-century modern furniture. The company is iFN Modern. You’re probably familiar with the classic pavilion chair or lounger.
600904_Spanish Pavilion Chair 300x250Knock-offs of this style are everywhere. That’s why I was so impressed when I viewed the videos on the website. They are taking the time to make a quality product with quality materials. I love the style, but let’s face facts. It’s almost impossible to find this style of furniture for a good price and in reasonable condition, unless you buy a newer copy. Copies can be great, if they are well constructed. They can be enjoyed for years by the mid-century modern fan, and by those who just like the style of the piece.

iFN Modern takes their construction work seriously. They pay attention to the details of the original piece, inside and out. They use quality Italian leathers, just as originals would have done. They also construct the piece as the original was constructed. The seats of the Spanish Pavilion Chair are fastened as the original, with proper leather straps and buckles.

For true comfort, you have to love the Angus Lounge Chair & Ottoman/Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman. Fans of the show Frasier, will remember it from the living room set. The main character, Frasier Crane, proudly shows it off in the first episode. In his case, he was trying to impress, but those who have the chairs find them to be extremely comfortable. Like all of the iFN Modern furniture, this piece is crafted with care, to reflect the quality of the original.

My house is tiny and would look over-crowded with the Eames lounger, but I found several items that would look fabulous in my living room. The old sofa may have to move out, so that I can take advantage of the current free shipping offer.

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