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It’s very important to understand your body and to take care of it. Only you live with it on a daily basis and can appreciate any changes that may take place. By recognizing what is good for your body and taking charge, you can move yourself towards a healthier, happier life.

Balance is a key factor in maintaining a healthy body. You can achieve balance in many ways, including proper nutrition and exercise. Sometimes we need just a little more.

Reflexology is a healing art that works with the many nerve endings on our hands and feet. Our entire body can be plotted on the soles of our feet. Foot Reflexology treatment stimulates the many nerve ending and pressure points to help balance your body.

Reiki is another healing art. Energy is channeled through the practitioner to the body, leaving you feeling very relaxed. Your body accepts the energy and directs it to areas of need. Contact me for a Reiki healing treatment.

Contact me for a Reiki healing treatment

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