Some days we get up in the morning and just throw on the first clothes that we see. Other days we take time and care to look great. What if you put in the effort, but are still unhappy with the result? Consider the clothing that you are wearing next to your skin.

It’s incredible how different clothes look when worn over properly fitted foundation garments. I fit and sell bras and other garments that help you to build a look that you can be proud of.

Think about your current bra. How does it fit? Does it sag at the front and ride up at the back? Does it pinch in places and push breast tissue under your arms? These things show through your clothes, making you look and feel sloppy. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a nice dress, then plop it over a poorly-fitted bra?

The same theory applies to other undergarments. When dressing, consider what lumps and bumps you are getting from the layer closest to your skin. Panties should fit flat against the skin without ridged seams or wrinkles. These may not show under heavy jeans, but they will show under a slinkier garment. You may also find that thicker seams can pinch and be uncomfortable.

There are many smoothing garments on the market that are made to help with shaping. Again, be certain to inspect how the garment is fitting on you. A muffin-top above the waist will make you look and feel uncomfortable. Check out several styles and companies before you buy. Choose the one that fits your body best. Like a good bra, these garments are best purchased from a trained fitter who knows how the items fit on different body types. It’s worth taking the time to fit and purchase a quality product that will do a proper job.

Look in the mirror, the next time you get dressed. Are you happy with the look? Are there lumps and bumps that bother you? Check what you are wearing underneath before you decide to toss the outfit.

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